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ITK POINT is a modern, autonomous bus stop that is both a delivery and pick-up point and equipped with 5G internet, LED screens and poster boards as a local information and advertising centre.



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Intelligent Transport Terminal POINT is under full monitoring. It is equipped with a universal transport application, thanks to which travellers can see public and private transport vehicles on the ITK POINT online screens, along with their travel times. Users can also use the app on their own smartphone or laptop.

The whole system is powered by Renewable Energy Sources, equipped with a local security backup system (energy storage with autonomy of up to 10h) and a charging point for electric devices and vehicles.

Our Terminals are set to revolutionise, unify the market and guarantee:

security, economy, autonomy, flexibility, aesthetics


Intelligent Communication Terminal

is to introduce to the market a solution adequate to the 21st century and dynamically changing reality and dynamically changing reality.

We guarantee safety

The ITK is made of high-strength materials: architectural concrete and steel. Moreover, it ensures good visibility even after dark, thanks to its lighting.

We guarantee economic results

ITK is inexpensive to maintain, powered by photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

We guarantee autonomy


With its own energy storage facility powered by photovoltaics and wind turbines, ITK is autonomous and independent of energy supplies.

We guarantee flexibility 


The ITK consists of prefabricated modules and can be resized as required. 

It can be installed in any location.

We guarantee aesthetics 

ITK is made of high-quality materials, modern electronics and elegant architectural concrete. 


Inteligentne Terminale Komunikacyjne oprócz nowoczesnej i bezpiecznej konstrukcji posiadają szereg funkcji podstawowych, które znacząco  podnoszą komfort oczekiwania na przyjazd autobusu niezależnie od pory dnia i pogody.

Anti-slip protection

On frosty days, the Intelligent Transport Terminal protects travellers through an anti-slip floor strip and seats filled with sand for technical services.

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Each ITK POINT will be equipped with:


In addition to a number of useful basic functions, ITK POINT can be equipped with premium features on request to guarantee a modern standard of travel

Electric car charger


Within the Intelligent Transport Terminal, the possibility of installing electric chargers for cars, bicycles and scooters will be available.

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From among the available premium features the user will be able to choose: :

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